The world's first easy, scalable, smarter workplace solution.

Our integrated platform is the first to provide easy-to-install IoT sensors, powerful data processing, and out-of-the-box analytics and integrations to gain real-time visibility into your two largest assets: people and real estate.


Opportunity inside every square foot.

We’ve built the products and teams that have led CEOs to global success by digitizing their workplace.

Analytics & Insights

Identify how to dramatically improve your workplace by understanding exactly how your spaces are used by the people in them. With
real-time visibility, there are no more gut decisions.

Workplace Apps

By using our workplace apps, employees save time and frustration searching for workplace resources and coordinating with fellow team members. It’s what a modern workplace app should be.

Cafeteria Wait Times

Provides employees with an ability to see how busy the Cafe currently is, and when the next ideal time to go will be, so they can get served quickly, and get a seat. No more waiting in line.

Get the data that matters to your business.

InnerSpace integrates into core business operations to optimize your real estate and your workplace processes to increase productivity and efficiency of your largest resources. By understanding how your employees are using your workplace, you can maximize layouts and collaboration spaces and integrate location data into the day-to-day activities of your employees to improve their productivity and happiness.

Working with world-class organizations to shape the future of workplaces.

Let's incorporate indoor location intelligence into your business.

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